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Ponydrive V8 by jd896
Ponydrive V8
Hey look, I stole vinyls from the club I used to be a part of and threw them onto Forza 5 and made a half-assed paint scheme out of it.

This is what I've been doing in my away time. Racing and stuff. 
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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
“What if something goes wrong?” she asked him with worry. The two figures were sat on a bed in their uncomfortably warm room. Moonlight from the outside of their one large window was the only source of light. He only wore pants and she had the lightest clothing she could find on- A tight T-shirt and shorts that barely covered her butt. He rubbed his injured shoulder, covered up in a large bandage, and she had her white arms wrapped around his fuzzy, orange neck.

“That’s more than likely,” he responded, though not looking a bit phased. These weren’t normal people, if you could call them that. They were once just test subjects for the military; an attempt by scientists to fuse Pokemon and human together. The military wanted to give their infantry the ability to harness the powers of Pokemon on a dime, though it also gave the subjects some of the characteristics of said Pokemon, such as ears or fur. The male was obviously a combination of himself and a Raichu. The female, though, was a little more complicated. Put together with an Umbreon, a coding error in the Pokemon’s DNA caused her to have the appearance of the Shiny Umbreon, but with some other interesting characteristics, such as the blue arrows slicing across her own cheeks.

“So… What does this mean?” she asked. He sighed, as if irritated a little at the mere thought of it.

“It means tonight may as well be our last night together, Em,” he stated. The two were gazing out upon the city before them, magnificently lit up in a colorful arrangement of moonlight, office lights, and attractions. The two were silent for another minute, not sure of what else to say or do. Her head rested against his and the two swayed back and forth slightly.

“So our last night alive?” she asked.

“More than likely…” he sighed again.

She sat there another moment longer, as if thinking to herself. If this would be their last night, why wait? She released his neck and crawled around to his front, placing herself in his lap.

“Emerald, what are you doing?” he asked, confused at what her playful mind could be conjuring up now. The two made eye contact with each other and the Umbreon-hybrid dug her hands into the other’s white fur.

“Will you make it special for me?” she asked, with a shy tone.

“Emerald, ho-” he tried to ask, but Emerald sucked up her shyness and pulled him into her, engaging in a kiss that she had been longing for. He acted confused for a moment, but soon returned the kiss, placing his hands on her hips. She felt pleased with her actions, but wasn’t so satisfied with his. Dying for interaction, she took one hand from his chest, grabbed his hand, and forced it onto a breast, on which he squeezed. She groaned with ecstasy and continued assaulting his lips with kisses. These continued for sometime, his other hand wandering across her body before finding the bottom of her shirt. He pulled it straight up, revealing her perfectly round-

“The light’s green grandma!” someone shouted from outside. Emerald gasped in her bed, her eyes firing open. She took a deep breath and looked around, trying to gather her surroundings. The girl was naked in her bed, covers sprawled below her stomach and her hand fiercely grabbing her black-furred bust. She quickly pulled it away and sat up.

“I’m not even the shy type…” she muttered, tossing herself up from bed.

She wiped her forehead of a cold sweat that had developed. Normally, she didn’t dream much, let alone have an in depth, saucy dream with her partner. Definitely out of character, even for her. The girl looked at her nightstand to the right, where a handgun was placed.

“Right, ‘scouting’,” she whined aloud. Obviously, this wasn’t the most thrilling nor exciting job in the world. She’d rather be out on a more intense, physically demanding job instead of sitting around, waiting for some guy who MIGHT cause trouble or something like that. Where’s the fun in that? She wandered to the window, high above the busy streets of Jubilife City, staring out towards the surrounding buildings. She had been in this place so long that she forgot what she was even supposed to be looking for. Something about smuggled Pokemon and weapons?

Emerald turned from the window, plopping back on the bed. She just wanted to go back to sleep. There were no weapons, no Pokemon, and no-

“Hey, get up!” a voice said as Emerald’s hotel door swung open. She flipped her head up to find that Raichu again.

“Whyyy, there’s nothing going onnn. You’re wearing all of your gear for nothing,” she whined.

“Yeah, well if you weren’t prancing around your room naked, you probably would’ve seen something,” he said sternly. He was dressed up in a full military getup.

“Hey, I was not-”

“Just put some damn clothes on and meet me downstairs.”

“Fuck you Justin.”

“Gladly Bee.”

The man (is that the right term to use?) stomped out of the room, leaving Emerald to herself again. She grunted loudly, forcing herself up from the soft embrace of the bed. The girl grabbed her camouflage clothing and simple padding to put on, then belted her sidearm to her hip. Satisfied with herself, she left the room and went down a flight of stairs to her partner’s room to find him loading a rifle up.

“Don’t you think you’re overcompensating just a little bit?” she asked.

“Prepare for the worst,” Justin replied. Wow, he always had to justify his inane cautiousness, didn’t he? “Rather not need it and have it than need it and not have it.”

“They’re just a bunch of grunts. They won’t even try to fight back when they see that!”

Justin shrugged, placing a magazine into his tactical vest. “That isn’t necessarily a bad thing.”

Emerald scoffed and plopped onto one of his large bags. “What happened to the bad guys that just used Pokemon as a means of control? SRA seems a bit fanatical about Team Galactic.”

“Well, one leader falls and another rises. When Cyrus was taken down, the new leader had a more, uh… Forceful vision. They’re practically a terror group at this point.”

The Umbreon smacked her face. “Have you seen those losers? They couldn’t kill a fly if they wanted to.”

Justin just ignored her, causing Emerald to scoff again and give up trying. The Raichu finished his business, then proceeding to roughly pull the girl to her feet. “C’mon lazy, let’s go.”

The two walked out of the room together, descending down the stairs to ground level before making their way across the street. People going about their daily city business would pause every now and then to look the anthromorphs over. And their weapons. But despite this, they tacitly allowed them through, not giving it another thought. The partners made their way into the huge Global Trade Station building.

“I still don’t understand why they would go through the trouble of going through this huge, public building,” Emerald sighed.

“Except on Sundays, no one is on the lower floors. It’s all supposed to be closed,” Justin replied, heading for the stairs. They hopped a rail that acted as a small barrier to indicate the stairwell being closed and descended once more. The stale white floors and hallways were dimly illuminated by only a few hall lights on the ceiling. Footsteps echoed around the floorspace and it sure wasn’t theirs.

“Stay sharp,” Justin whispered, but Emerald just rolled her eyes. This was stupid. Her partner had the rifle aimed up, down the hallway. The footsteps gradually got closer until a turquoise uniform came from around the corner.

“Stop!” Justin called, rifle to the ready.

The other man was indeed surprised by their sudden appearance.

“H-Hey, you two can’t be down here!” he said, trying to assert himself. “This is Galactic only!”

“Not if the SRA has anything to say about it!” Justin retorted. Emerald rubbed her temple at how stupid this encounter was turning out to be.

“Yeah, well not if my Squirtle has anything to say about it!” The Galactic grunt p ulled a Pokeball from his belt and tossed it, releasing the blue turtle from its capsule.

“Really?” Justin asked after a short pause. “Just going to ignore the fact that I have a rif- Well, okay, sure. Whatcha got for me?”

“Use Water Gun!”

The Pokemon sucked in and shot a hard stream of water into Justin’s face. Unfortunately for the grunt, however, he just wiped his face off once the move had been completed. Sighing, he took a few steps towards the two, then planted the barrel of his rifle into the floor.


The Squirtle retreated back into its hard, brown shell. The militant placed his boot lightly on the scared Pokemon and then gave it a small electrocution. He looked up at the grunt again. “Seriously?”

Meanwhile, Emerald had taken to leaning against the wall while this unfolded. She looked left, away from the “battle” going on. At the far end of the hallway, the Umbreon could make out a figure sitting over there. The white walls and floors made it nearly impossible to make out, but there was definitely something there. She tried to squint to see it better, but it was of no use. It just seemed to turn more orange to her.

No, wait. It was doing something… An orange sphere started forming in front of the figure. “Oh shit.” Not a moment later, the “sphere” was charging herself and her partner.

“Get down!” she yelled, tackling the muscular Raichu down into a side corridor. A huge beam of fire and other stuff shot by, engulfing the whole corridor they were just standing in. Emerald quickly jumped to her feet, realizing the awkward position that she had landed on Justin.

“Holy- When did you get so strong~?”

“Oh, you can thank me later,” she replied, sarcastically. “Never mind me, what the hell was THAT?”

The girl peered around the corner, carefully. The whole corridor was now completely empty, aside from the charred tile. Whatever it was had disappeared.

“Whatever it was… it was hot,” Justin said, getting to his feet.

“Look, let’s just find whatever you want and get out of this shithole.”

Down the hall perpendicular to the one that was now burnt up, large crates were stacked around. “They wouldn’t just leave stuff like that lying around the Global Trade Center, right?”

“Everything is always packed up before the weekend. Besides, these are mostly offices.”

Wary of their surroundings, the two slowly approached the crates. There were no other footsteps or any other noise to be heard on the floor. Even the ridiculous grunt had disappeared. Not a good thing… Near the crates was a single door, slightly ajar. Justin nodded his head and they each took to opposite sides of the door.

“3… 2… 1… Breach!”

The two stormed the room, but found it to be empty. That is, empty of people. The room was furnished with several desks and tables, which, upon inspection, had all sorts of ideas, schematics, and plans strewn about. Justin kicked a small crate open.

“Hey, check this out…”

Emerald came over and looked into the crate. Master balls. And a lot of them.

“You mean these assholes were responsible for what happened in Kanto?”

“What do maps of Sinnoh and Master Balls have in common? What, they’re going to catch all of the wild Buneary in the country?”

Justin started taking photos of all the stuff placed around the room. Everything.

“Holy shit, these guys are for real…” Emerald murmured, unable to comprehend the magnitude of the Team’s act. This was no joke at all.

“That was a great meal, sir! We have to do it again after we take over the universe!” a voice pierced through the hall.

“Fuck, grab some stuff and let’s get the hell out of here!” Justin ordered, quietly. Emerald took as many papers as she could fit into one hand while Justin shoved a whole table’s worth into a bag, tossing around his back. “Go!”

The room had a door on the opposite side to which the two ran towards, leaving the room quietly.

“Hey!” another voice shouted. A man in a dark uniform ran towards them. He yanked a pistol from behind his back.

“Great…” Emerald sighed, quickly pulling up a Protect shield between the two and the lone man. He started firing shots at the bubble.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Let’s go check it out!”

“Run!” Justin yelled, yanking Emerald down an adjacent corridor. He pulled the rifle he carried around and fired the opposite way he ran, somewhat blindly shooting. They turned a few more corners, heading for the second set of stairs. The Raichu’s tail started to glow white, then smashed one of the corners of the wall, partially blocking the path behind the two. They scurried up the stairs and out of the building, onto the open streets once more. Waiting down the road for them was a black SUV, which they jumped into the back of.

“Still think they’re a bunch of losers now?”

“Fuck off.”
Chapter One
I made a thing.

Pic semi-related.

Not sure if I'll continue. Just wanted to do this.


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